Monday, January 10, 2011

~~~2011 New year New hope New Holy Man~~~

Times flies and its now 2011..and i am 25(although I always put in my mind that I am 24 years old..) ~ This will be a final year for me!reaching to 30 years old in 5 more years and I realize this year God wanna change me lots and lots in my life and everything.. I set up my plans for this year~hope that I can smile to myself when I looking back on it in end of 2011~hehe! God I submit my whole life to you~ Thank you dear lord. Amen!~~~

2011 Silvernoah's Plans & Goals:
1:Be spiritual and daily devotion~
2:Get a Investment for short term on Forex!
3:Get a Nice and COOL spec~
4:Get a brand NEW car!>If really cant least repair & repaint my Kelisa!
5:Get a Girlfriend if this is the time that god arranged for me! ***This is important too!
6:Diet plan NEVER fail again> my target: 55KG with 29'' waist Amen!
7:Make appointment with doctor & do the 1st body check-up in my life(I scare blood!)
8:Consult a Professional Hair care centre to recover my hair>Amen!
9:Cell group member can be more close & helping each other!Most important GROW~!
10:Get RM 5000 Saving this year..
11:Do well in my job!
12:Improve in Time management and Money management!
13:Learn how to play guitar! I wanna serve god in cellgroup too! maybe P&W!hehe~