Tuesday, January 25, 2011

~~~Goodbye My C1 Cellgroup Members!~~~






Hehe~First time chit-chat with my Cellgroup member until 1am yesterday~Feel so unpleasing to leave them~Take care my members...Hope god bless You girls in whatever cellgroup~

Although we never win in super cellgroup..although we always argue in cellgroup..although we always cried in cellgroup..although we cannot 'ZIP' together normally...but I am so happy that the last 2 months in this cellgroup we are having a fun time~Just like what Elaine said: 刚要一起 努力又要分开了~

Lucky we did went for our first outing (although many of u din attend) But I believe its a good experience for us lo~

Esther & Simon & Wendy Lin & Katherine Koo & Elaine Yeo & Aaron Wong & Sadie & Tan Wei Shin & Wendy Wong & ShuFen & ChuanHui & Ellen & WenWei & Rebbecca & EstherHooi & Erica & Angela & Jessie & Ruby & Tiffany & Issac & Ruby & Victor & Nick & Karen & ETC many many bro sis who in our group before..thanks for your help and patience on me~May god bless u very fruitfulness this year~Amen!

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