Monday, January 17, 2011

Fruitfulness Sunday!

Today is a busy day~Wake up 8am plus and prepared to go for soccer with my dear NLRCians~today i din score any goals but i did saves many goals due to my position-Goalkeeper hehe~Today Weishin is super funny..keep frighten people with screaming and speed hehe~ during the ending time something super funny happen..Weishin score a goal and the goalkeeper pick up the ball and pass by to AhJohn..then Weishin suddenly come forward and steal the ball and kick it into the goal post..actually its only 10 sec left for us to get a 2-2 draw hehe~ then Ahjohn very angry and he took the ball and threw it to Weishin! wao~ we all silenced and AhJohn terus walk out the court cos our team lost 1-2 hehe~Then we all at the bench asking Ahjohn what happen?he smile and say: i Beh tahan liao! haha~then we keep laughing this ~I am sure u r the one join us to laugh if u were there~

After soccer is MTS time~ after fetch Celia and Lihui we began our journey to Cheras..Suddenly Paul said that he forgot his spec in the court and we don't wish to late so we call someone to take it instead of we turning U-turn..After few min we reach MTS on time!hehe~Thanks god that today Pastor sharing are very good!I keep eating Sour plum as I was busy on my office job yesterday and day before that and I only slept like 6 hours in two days!

After MTS we broke into small groups...My groups got Yikfoong Lihui Katherine Celia Steven and Songbeng..All my close friends.I was surprise when they sharing their cell group growing and sort of..I wish my cellgroup got a big step growing up this year as well!We Wanna Grow Amen! I promised to myself that I need to put more effort in my cellgroup this year and love them as God loves me~

After MTS we went to Kenny Roger which I dreamed to eat for few days(since the Red shirt day) hehe~ The chicken is nice as we ate in KLCC last time during the PC Fair..then the Macaroni Cheese Pasta is very nice too~After we get our stomach full we go for walk and we saw a nice car there~ I cant remember the name but its cool~My dreaming Peugeot 207cc I am coming~! haha~ planing to change a new car this year~hope god bless me Gao Gao!!!!!

Raymond zhengbin and me go to Steven house after that....Steven and his family having a House warming today~He told me there are 200 + people~ He is the world Most 夸张people haha~ i think around 150 only keke~maybe i was late also..The ais kacang is nice hehe!~~Enjoy talking with Grace and Esthermah~they are two funny cute girls~Well...zoe took some photos to show us..guess wat...she got a secret album!haha~Even Jazby cant believe it!!!

Others are all playing Wii inside the Living room...We join them after the chit chat session~Wii is good but actually my hand will pain after I play so much~tomorrow still gonna play badminton and follow by bowling~I better dun play Wii too much~I will start my diet plan today so on!hope god give me more and more and more patience so i can overcome those lure!amen!~

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